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English Listening & Speaking APK v3.0.9

Name English Listening & Speaking
ID com.english.listeningandspeaking&hl=en-IN
Publisher English Learning Apps & Games
Genre Apps
MOD Features
Version 3.0.9
Size 31.5 MB
Requires Android
Price FREE
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Mastering the English language is a valuable skill that opens doors to personal, academic, and professional opportunities. English Listening & Speaking is an app designed to help learners improve their English skills through listening and speaking exercises. In this article, we explore the world of English Listening & Speaking MOD APK, a modified version of the app that offers additional features and benefits to enhance your language learning journey.

Understanding English Listening & Speaking:

English Listening & Speaking is a user-friendly language learning app that focuses on improving listening comprehension and speaking fluency in English. The app provides a wide range of audio content, such as dialogues, interviews, news articles, and lectures, to enhance listening skills. It also offers speaking exercises, vocabulary building activities, and interactive lessons to develop speaking abilities and confidence.

English Listening & Speaking MOD APK:

MOD APKs, or modified versions of mobile applications, provide users with extended functionalities and features that are not available in the official app. The English Listening & Speaking MOD APK enhances the app’s capabilities, offering users a more immersive and personalized language learning experience. However, it’s important to note that using MOD APKs may infringe on the app’s terms of service and carry potential security risks.

Features of English Listening & Speaking MOD APK:

  1. Ad-Free Experience: The MOD APK version of English Listening & Speaking eliminates advertisements, creating an uninterrupted learning environment. Learners can focus solely on their language practice without distractions, optimizing their concentration and engagement.
  2. Unlimited Access to Premium Content: The MOD APK unlocks access to the app’s premium content, which may include additional lessons, exercises, and audio materials. This expanded library of resources provides learners with a wider range of content to explore, enhancing their listening comprehension and vocabulary acquisition.
  3. Offline Learning: With the MOD APK, learners can download lessons and audio content for offline learning. This feature is particularly useful for individuals with limited internet access or for those who prefer to study on-the-go. Users can continue their language learning journey anytime and anywhere, even without an active internet connection.
  4. Progress Tracking and Personalized Feedback: The MOD APK version enhances the app’s progress tracking and assessment features. Learners can monitor their language learning progress, receive personalized feedback, and access detailed performance statistics. This feedback empowers learners to identify areas for improvement and tailor their study plans accordingly.
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Is English Listening & Speaking MOD APK Worth It?

While the English Listening & Speaking MOD APK offers additional features and benefits, it’s important to consider the ethical implications and potential risks associated with using modified versions of apps. Using MOD APKs bypasses the app’s payment system, which may impact the developers’ ability to sustain and improve the app in the long term.

English Listening & Speaking follows a freemium model, allowing users to access a significant portion of the app’s features for free. By subscribing to the app’s premium version, learners can unlock exclusive content, personalized learning plans, and additional support while supporting the developers’ ongoing efforts.


English Listening & Speaking is a valuable tool for enhancing English language skills, particularly in listening comprehension and speaking fluency. While the English Listening & Speaking MOD APK provides enticing features, it’s essential to consider the potential risks associated with using hacked versions of apps. By supporting the developers through a subscription, learners not only gain access to premium features but also contribute to the app’s sustainability and future improvements.

Remember, language learning requires dedication, consistent practice, and a commitment to immersion. Embrace the opportunities provided by English Listening & Speaking, utilize the available resources, and actively engage in the learning process to achieve your language goals.

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English Listening & Speaking v3.0.9 MOD
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