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Bid Wars 3 APK + MOD (Free Rewards) v1.6.1

Free Rewards
Name Bid Wars 3
ID com.byaliens.bidwars4
Publisher By Aliens L.L.C - F.Z
Genre Games
MOD Features Free Rewards
Version 1.6.1
Size 164.11MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Price FREE
Updated On

Download The Latest Version of Bid Wars 3 MOD APK, A Simulation Application For Android. This MOD has Features like Free Rewards. Install Now!

Dive into the exhilarating world of treasure hunting and city building as you aspire to become a legendary treasure tycoon. Do you have what it takes to collect, build, trade, and negotiate your way to success? Embark on quests filled with exploration, investigation, and the thrill of discovery in a universe brimming with rare 3D items, collectibles, and hidden treasures. From the mysteries of ancient civilizations to the epic legends of human history, every item has a story to tell.

Become An Accomplished Treasure Hunter

  • Hunt for treasure in dusty storage units, abandoned barns, and exclusive global events
  • Uncover, collect, and restore rare items, from legendary weapons and gear to epic cars
  • Decorate and customize your own 3D empire, revitalize your city, and exhibit your finds to show off your success
  • Engage in quests to help the city thrive and uncover the hidden treasures around the globe

Test and Show Off Your Skills

  • Challenge your skills in negotiation and bargain to secure the best deals
  • Trade and negotiate to amass a collection of rare items
  • Showcase your legendary finds in your 3D online gallery

Grow Your Empire

  • Build your treasure hunting gig into a thriving business and a cornerstone of your city-building empire
  • Repair and restore your collected treasures, including luxury cars and historic artifacts to create a sanctuary for aficionados of different cultures and epochs

This millionaire business simulator and strategy game invites you to write your own epic tale. From uncovering rare items and loot in the quest for treasure to becoming a celebrated collector and curator of human history’s mysteries, your adventure is filled with discovery, lore, and the pursuit of the legendary. Build your empire, live your dream job, and become a true tycoon in the world of treasures and collectibles. Join the adventure and uncover the hidden treasure within!

Discover The Mystery

  • Engage in the delicate art of repair and restoration, bringing back the sparkle to legendary cars, epic weapons, and gear
  • Customize your empire and become a beacon of cultural heritage and history
  • Embark on quests that challenge your acumen, leading you to uncover the hidden treasure within each 3D piece

MOD APK version of Bid Wars 3 (Free Rewards)

This MOD Includes Free Rewards

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Explore the world, discover hidden treasures and complete 3D object collections!

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