STRIKERS 1945 2 classic (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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The most popular in STRIKERS series has planted in mobile devices. Enjoy ultimate shooting game with the returning P-38, Shinden, and four new airfighters.

The game was first released back in 2001, which is already over 16 years ago.

The game is set during the World War II and features various modes of gameplay. There are three different single player modes available for players to choose from; Campaign mode, Free Battle mode, and Survival mode.

There are also two multiplayer modes that can be played against another human player or against the computer.

STRIKERS 1945 2 classic is a 2D shooter game which is a modernization of the first STRIKERS 1945. It features new features such as upgraded graphics and sound, improved gameplay, and a better story.

The game was released on August 30th, 2019 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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STRIKERS 1945 2 classic comes with new graphical improvements which make it look more realistic than its predecessor. The sound effects have also been upgraded to make the experience more immersive. It also has an improved gameplay from the first version of STRIKERS 1945. This includes an easier control scheme as well as better graphics for those who have difficulties playing the original version because of their disability or age. In addition to this, STRIKERS 1945 2 classic features a better story


How to Play:
Able to move air fighter with dragging, shots are fired automatically. Able to use bomb and charging shot with buttons.

Type of Air fighter:
– P-38 Lightning: Concentrated shot, Homing Missile, Mustang Attack Formation
– F-5U Flying Pancake: Diffuse shot, Automatic Laser, XB-35 Buster Formation
– Focke Wulf Ta152: Concentrated shot, Giant Rocket Missile, A9A10 Rocket
– Ki 84 Hayate: Diffuse shot, Syusui Super Rush, G10N Fugaku Covering Fire
– J7W Shinden: Concentrated shot, Heat Missile, B7ARyusei-kai Sweep Bombers
– DH98 Mosquito: Diffuse shot, Consecutive Rocket Missile, Mosquito Attackers

– Able to play 6 different Air fighters for free.
– Available 4 different types of difficulties: EASY, NORMAL, HARD, and VERY HARD.
– Able to strengthens weapon through acquiring ‘P item’
– Able to start with full power at the beginning when you press the button “FULL POWER START”
– Available to use unique weapon through touching charge shot button.
– Charge shot gauge can be charged up to 3 levels, also charge shot can be strengthens depends on gauge levels.
– Available to get bomb in game play.
– Able to use bombs to call for support at the danger moment.
– Able to change the original or full screen aspect ratio in the setting.
– Shot and formation level is down by 1 level, when player hit by the enemy air fighter.
– Able to get additional scores through acquiring gold bar.
– Supported achievement and leaderboard.
– Supported 16 languages.

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